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To schedule your exam please refer to your test sponsor for appropriate link. Information on this page is to assist you only.

Onsite Exam Instructions

Taking a certification exam can often be an exciting and yet anxious experience. At a Kryterion Testing Center, We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable when visiting a Kryterion Testing Center so we’ve provided the following overview on what to expect and you move through the process:

  • During your registration process, you will select a Testing Center, date and time for your test session.
  • You will receive an email confirming your scheduled test event including your Test Taker Authorization Code. This information will be needed upon arrival at the Testing Center.
  • If you need to make any changes to your scheduled test event, you should either log in to your Webassessor™ account and click the Reschedule or Cancellation button next to your scheduled exam or contact your Test Sponsor.
  • Two forms of identification are required at the Testing Center, which the proctor verifies and records. The Kryterion Certified Proctor (KCP) will provide you with documentation about preparing for your test session while your workstation is prepared in the testing room.
  • You will be asked to place all of your personal items, except your identification, in a locking cabinet or compartment. Personal belongings include bags, purses, keys, wallets, hats, briefcases, books, cell phones, calculators, portable electronic devices, watches and any weapons or firearms. We recommend leaving any item not needed for testing at home.
  • When finished, you are prompted to notify the proctor that you have completed the test. The KCP will then complete check-out process.
  • Each Test Sponsor determines when and how their Test Takers will receive their test results. Some Test Takers receive their results immediately after they submit the exam while at the testing center while others may receive their results via email or postal mail. Results will not be printed out by the Testing Center.
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Ensuring you the best possible testing experience.

You will need to navigate to the URL Corresponding to your test sponsor. If you have questions regarding the process, you may contact the Kryterion Testing Network (KTN) Team. They are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm (PDT) and can be reached by phone at 1-800-403-6199 (U.S.) / +001-602-281-3591 (International) or by email at ktnsupport@kryteriononline.com.

In most cases, you can reschedule (or cancel) an appointment if your test sponsor allows it. Additional fees may apply.

All personal belongings, except your identification, will be stored and not accessible during the test session.

The Kryterion Testing Network is required to abide by federal and local laws that require reasonable accommodations for an individual with a disability in job-related test situations (i.e. The American Disabilities Act). If you have a special need, please contact your Test Sponsor. You may be required to submit a form that identifies your limitations and the supportive resource you are requesting.

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If you are taking your exam in one of our Kryterion Testing Centers, you can reach the Kryterion Testing Network Team at 1.800.403.6199 (U.S.) or +001.602.281.3591 (International).

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You can reach the Kryterion Testing Network Team by email at ktnsupport@kryteriononline.com.

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