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The integrity of your exam is important. Our psychometricians can provide complete services or A La Carte options.

Utilizing psychometrics is an essential step towards achieving NCAA and ANSI accreditation.


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Registration and Payment Options

Kryterion’s e-commerce solution offers quick and easy-to-use e-commerce payment features. Test Takers have a safe and easy option for purchasing their testing sessions while your organization quickly obtains revenue from your program.


  • Used to pay the full cost of a specific exam.
  • Allows test-taker to bypass the Kryterion e-commerce system.
  • Can sell batches to organizations to utilize for a group of employees.


  • Drive traffic and promote your program with a discount.
  • Can be a dollar amount or percentage
  • You set the parameters for expiry date, number of uses or assign to specific test-takers
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Our Test Development Process Gives You:

  • Full Control of your exams through our SaaS model.
  • No vendor delays.
  • No publishing fees.
  • Real time management.
  • A secure platform.
  • Easy data extraction.
  • Single Sign On integration is available.
  • Program Managers that will assist you every step of the way
  • E-Commerce

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Kryterion's exam development and delivery platform, Webassessor, gives you real-time control over your testing program! 


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