Test Delivery

No matter where your test candidates are in the world,
Kryterion delivers the exam they need when they need it!

We have 4 test-delivery options each offering its own specific benefits.


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Test Taker Support

Kryterion Testing Network

1,100+ locations and growing!


Kryterion Certified Proctors

Lockdown browser

Identity verification

1,100+ Locations

Online Proctoring

Available Anywhere With Internet Connection


Kryterion Proctors are trained to to spot non-standard test behavior and take action to reduce test theft

Lockdown browser, blacklisted URLs and restricted keystroke combinations

Test candidate authentication with facial-recognition algorithm and keystroke biometrics

Comprehensive session review for test sponsors with recorded video, audio, photos and transcripts

Alert thresholds configurable by the test sponsor, which, if met, can automatically suspend an exam or enforce specific corrective action

Test sponsors have full control to create the business rules that Kryterion Certified Proctors enforce.

Scalable, affordable and easy

Client Proctored

Utilize our software to deploy testing on your terms


Proctor your own exams

Lockdown browser

Includes scheduling

On Demand Testing

Great for practice tests and self-assessments


Available anywhere

Great for conferences and events

Capture performance based and practical exam results

Store with other test data for full candidate profile


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Our Test Delivery Options Give You

  • Global Reach: Kryterion Testing centers and other delivery options allow testing anywhere.
  • Flexibility: Multiple delivery options for each exam.
  • Management: One platform keeps full candidate profile.
  • Security: Our delivery methods allow you to choose the appropriate security level for your exam.

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