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Program Design

Defines the program goals, scope, success criteria, target audience and number of tests.

Job/Competency Analysis

A systematic process used to identify the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform a job.

Test Blueprint Analysis

Provides a roadmap for item writers in terms of the topics covered by each test, the specific test objectives covered under each topic, and the number of test items to be written for each test objective.

Item Writing

We provide an outline or in-person workshop that instructs your subject experts on how to write high-quality items.

Item Review

Items go through multiple reviews to ensure:

  • Technically Correct
  • Measure important knowledge and skills
  • Psychometrically sound
  • Free from spelling, grammar & punctuation errors

Beta Testing

Kryterion administers items to a sample of the target population to gather data for statistical analyses

Item and Test Analysis

Statistically analyze the items and test to make sure they meet accepted standards of psychometric quality.

Standard Setting

Determine the minimum score needed to pass each test.

Forms Construction

Construct multiple forms (i.e. versions) of a test so that Test Takers do not get the same version twice if they retake the test.

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Our Psychometric process results in an exam that is

  • Useful: Achieves your business goals.
  • Credible: Has perceived value and "face validity" in the marketplace.
  • Reliable: Consistently measures whatever the test is set to measure.
  • Valid: The scores provide meaningful information based upon the purpose of the test(s).
  • Legally Defensible: Has followed best practices to help ensure the test scores are fair, reliable, and valid.

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