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Trusted Partner for Exam Development and Delivery Since 2001


Our clients have access to a team of certification, testing, security and customer-success experts
to guide them through their entire exam-development and delivery process.


With Kryterion you can:

  • Use the latest technology and security to develop, deliver and manage testing programs of all sizes
  • Provide the best Test Candidate experience for your students, employees, partners or candidates
  • Use test delivery and proctoring solutions that meet your unique market testing needs
  • Easily deliver your exams worldwide
  • Quickly and cost effectively develop high-quality certification programs

We represent a quantum leap in testing – true Online Secured Testing.

  • Control Data

    Create and manage items, create and publish tests and run real-time reports without incurring any additional fees.

  • Secured Testing

    Securely control data and improve assessments without the inconveniences commonly found in other tools.

  • Improved Assessments

    You can author test questions, create test forms, deliver exams in a variety of test-delivery formats and manage test-candidate data.

  • Integrated Interface

    Our single platform allows you to manage candidates, item banking and test delivery.

  • Customized Control

    Extend your brand into customized test-candidate pages and tailor everything from data fields to reports to meet your specific program needs.

  • Delivery Format

    Choose from five test delivery and proctoring options that cater to the needs of your assessment specifications.

Learn more about our industry-specific solutions.

Test Development

With our Webassessor software and our team of psychometricians, your exam possibilities are endless.

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Test delivery

Choose from five types of test-delivery to meet the needs of any program or test candidate. With Kryterion the choice is yours!

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Kryterion's exam development and delivery platform, Webassessor, gives you real-time control over your testing program! 


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