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Trusted Partner in the Test Development, Test Delivery and Online
Proctoring Industry Since 2001


Our clients have access to a team of certification, testing, security and customer support experts who guide them through the entire test development and test delivery process.


With Kryterion you can:

  • Use the latest technology and security to develop, deliver and manage testing programs of all sizes
  • Provide the best Test Taker experience for your students, employees, partners or candidates
  • Use test delivery and proctoring solutions that meet your unique market testing needs
  • Easily deliver your exams worldwide
  • Quickly and cost effectively develop high-quality certification programs

We represent a quantum leap in testing – true Online Secured Testing.

  • Control Data

    Create and manage items, create and publish tests and run real-time reports without incurring any additional fees.

  • Secured Testing

    Securely control data and improve assessments without the inconveniences commonly found in other tools.

  • Improved Assessments

    You can author test questions, create test forms, deliver exams in a variety of test delivery formats and manage test taker data.

  • Integrated Interface

    Our single platform allows you to manage candidates, item banking and test delivery.

  • Customized Control

    Extend your brand into customized test taker pages and tailor everything from data fields to reports to meet your specific program needs.

  • Delivery Format

    Choose from five test delivery and proctoring options that cater to the needs of your assessment specifications.

Learn more about our industry specific solutions.

Test Development

With our Software and our team of psychometricians your exam possibilities are endless.

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Test delivery

Choose from five types of deliveries to meet the needs of any test taker, or any program. With Kryterion the choice is yours!

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Kryterion's exam development and delivery platform, Webassessor, gives you real-time control over your testing program! 


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