Take Control of Your Certification Program

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    Take Control of Your Certification Program


    Webassessor, Kryterion’s self-service, test-development and test-delivery platform, puts you in charge of your certification program. You’re empowered to edit, change, update, remove, replace, publish, download and report whenever you want.

    This unprecedented control gives you unprecedented freedom.

    You no longer have to rely on others to perform these tasks for you on their schedule, and you don’t incur additional charges for publishing. You won't need additional contracts, either, for offering online-proctored test delivery, for example.

    For certification managers and staff who value the independence of managing their programs as they see fit, Webassessor is the perfect fit.

    Woman on Laptop at Angle-285x400x72.jpgWhen you become a Kryterion client, you can easily do the following:

    • Make changes to items, item banks, test forms and catalogues at any time.
    • Publish new test forms with no additional fees.
    • Run certification programs without minimum-testing thresholds.
    • Export test data and create/customize reports whenever you want.
    • Offer multi-modal test delivery with no additional contracts.
    • Offer onsite-proctored test delivery at 1,100+ testing centers around the world.
    • Offer online-proctored (OLP) test delivery 24/7. Your candidates will appreciate the flexibility and convenience of choosing the test environment that best suits their location and schedule.
    • Take advantage of Kryterion’s advanced biometric and candidate-authentication technologies for OLP testing. Well-trained, professional live proctors further enhance OLP security and protect the integrity of your exam.
    • Offer client-proctored exams (at industry conferences, for example) or unproctored exams.
    • Take control of your certification program and still take advantage of excellent client support from experienced Kryterion program managers.

    If you're not entirely familiar with our Webassessor platform, nothing reveals its empowering features like a live demo.

    Just click here to request yours. It's free, and there's never an obligation on your part. We'll follow up with an email to arrange a demo time convenient for you.

    Should you have any other questions about certification test-delivery, just send an email our friendly Sales Team at Sales@KryterionOnline.com


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