Preparing for Your Kryterion Online Proctored Exam

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    Preparing for Your Kryterion Online Proctored Exam

    Last week, we discussed how to prepare for an exam at a testing center within the Kryterion Testing Network (KTN). Our 1,100 KTN centers are found in 127 countries around the world. 

    This week, we talk about Kryterion's online-proctored exams, known here as OLP. These are online exams often taken at an employer's office or at the test-candidate's home. They are not taken at a KTN center.

    OLP exams are proctored remotely from Kryterion's headquarters in Phoenix, AZ.

    Kryterion's OLP testing offers considerable value and convenience to test candidates, especially those far from a physical testing center. It's also helpful to those who work during the day and prefer to test in the evening or early morning.

    OLP testing is available 24/7, 358 days a year. Kryterion's online proctors receive extensive training.

    Preparing for Your OLP Exam

    GuyTypesOnLaptop.jpgIt's important to complete your registration on the same device that you'll use to take the exam. Registration, especially for first-time test candidates, generally involves installation of two Kryterion apps (Sentinel and Biometrics). They help create a secure testing environment and manage the “remote” testing process.

    If you'll be using a device provided by an employer, you may need help installing Sentinel on your company computer from your company's system admin.  

    Depending the test sponsor’s requirements, biometric enrollment may require you to complete a simple typing test, multiple times.

    Sentinel analyzes your typing style. If you attempt to test on a different computer or keyboard than the one you used to establish your biometric profile, your identity may be called into question. Your exam may be delayed or cancelled until your identity is confirmed.

    Find a quiet space for an OLP exam, free of distractions with an uncluttered background, good overhead lighting and a strong Internet connection. This applies whether you are sitting for the exam in an office environment or at home.

    Before you launch the exam, remove all documents, books and digital devices from the test environment not specifically approved for use by the test sponsor.  

    Ask anyone else in the exam room / environment to leave. Your exam environment must be completely private.

    Use the bathroom, get a glass of water, snack, etc., as needed, before the start of the exam. You cannot leave the exam environment or the workstation once the exam begins.

    In case you missed the At the Work Station tips for KTN test takers mentioned in last week's blog post, you can review them below. They apply to OLP test candidates, too.

    At the Work Station
    • For your reading comfort, use the + and - icons at the top of the window to resize the display.
    • Read the directions on the Welcome Candidate screen carefully.
    • Do not attempt to browse the Internet or open any additional browser windows. This will cancel and disqualify your exam.
    • Confirm that your name and the title of your exam are listed at the top of the screen. If not, notify the proctor. If they are correctly displayed on your screen, select the Start Test button to begin.
    • After reading the Candidate Instructions screen, select the Launch button.
    • Do not read exam content aloud. Do not vocalize your responses either.
    • Do not select the Submit Exam button until you're done! This cannot be undone.
    Final Thoughts

    We hope that test candidates derive value from this post. Taking care of the details before an OLP test will allow a better—we hope, great—testing result!

    We know from our web site analytics that our blog posts aren't read just by test candidates. So, if you're a certification program manager, credentialing director or other program stakeholder and would like to know more about KTN or the four other ways Kryterion can deliver your exams, feel free to contact us here.

    We look forward to talking to you soon!