New Year’s Resolution Ideas for IT Professionals

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    New Year’s Resolution Ideas for IT Professionals

    As New Year's approaches, many people start brainstorming resolution ideas. How will they improve their lives or themselves in 2015 and how best can they achieve those goals? New Year's resolutions take dedication, but at this time in 12 months, you could have accomplished something special. If you're an IT professional, this upcoming year could provide a chance to improve your career.

    Here are a few goals you may use to get the job, raise, etc., that you've been after:

    Expand Your Skills
    Your resume is full of references to your professional abilities, but you can add more to it. In IT, certifications are a badge of merit. They represent the time and energy you put into becoming an expert on a certain software. For this reason, many companies require employees to have specific certifications that apply to their positions. In other cases, companies hire people who have certifications, even if a specific one isn't necessary. Have you had your eye on a certification program? Then 2015 could be the perfect time to finally take the test. The benefits of certification include increasing your chances of landing a job or earning a promotion – both options are definitely a step in the right direction for your career.

    Take Risks
    Innovation helps companies and individuals achieve great things, but new ideas can be frightening. However, fear of looking foolish or failing shouldn't prevent you from sharing your ideas at work. What if the Wright Brothers didn't make a plane because they didn't want to look silly? What if Walt Disney didn't try to start a new company after his first one failed? Our world would be quite different. Even if your work idea isn't as huge in scale as creating an aircraft, your company could benefit from the things you daydream about. Make it your goal for 2015 to always speak up when you have something to contribute.

    Focus on Clients
    No matter what your role at your IT company, you can always do more to help your clients. If you're a programmer, think about the features your customers would like to use in the software you're developing. If you do quality assurance, be diligent in finding defects so your clients won't have issues. Find ways during your working day in 2015 to improve your standards so they better serve your clients. Not only will this make customers happy, but it will reflect well on your work ethic.