New Webinar! Promoting Your Certification Program with Social Media

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    New Webinar! Promoting Your Certification Program with Social Media


    Joe Cannata, Certification Director with Kinaxis, a Kryterion client, launched the RapidResponse credentialing program in January 2016.

    laptop imagePromotion included social-media marketing that resulted in 6,990 impressions on LinkedIn that year.

    In calendar year 2019, those LinkedIn impressions soared to 166,397...more than a 2,300 percent increase over 2016.

    Patient testing, reliance on analytics and continuous refinement allowed Joe to identify the winning social-media platforms that were producing the most traffic, engagement and click-throughs.

    It took a bit of time to get it all dialed in, but the payoff has been consistent, reproducible gains and a clear path to test-volume growth.

    And now Joe is ready to share his social-media secrets with you

    Kinaxis So be sure to register below for this Thursday's 30-minute webinar. Here are just a few of the insights and benefits of attending:

    • Learn how to use social-media marketing to raise the awareness of your certification program, celebrate candidate success, generate a "fusion reaction" and promote key program milestones.
    • Discover how Joe was able to integrate and align certification marketing within a larger, established marketing department to coordinate posts, hashtags, KPIs (key reporting indicators), analytics, goals and reporting.
    • See the anatomy of a successful social-media post that's been tested and optimized for engagement. You'll discover the must-have links, hashtags and visual elements for winning posts on LinkedIn.
    You really must attend this webinar

    You're getting a real-world case study from a hands-on Certification Director who started a program from scratch, promoted it on social-media, tracked performance, made data-driven adjustments and ultimately created a repeatable system for achieving his certification marketing goals.

    And you'll be getting all that in just 30 minutes.

    Who Should Attend?

    You mean besides you? Well, any certification program director, manager, admin or stakeholder looking for a tested and proven system for identifying winning social-media platforms will clearly benefit from this info-packed webinar.

    It'll be right-to-the-point; a quick 20-25 minute presentation by Joe followed by 5-10 minutes of Q&A. You’re done in 30 minutes flat. (ish)

    Join us at 10 a.m. PDT, Thursday, March 12, 2020.

    Click the link below for the webinar-registration page.

    See you on the webinar!

    Kryterion, Inc.