Credentialing Success and the World's Most Popular Degreaser

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    Credentialing Success and the World's Most Popular Degreaser

    In a small lab in San Diego, the three owners of the fledgling Rocket Chemical Company labored throughout 1953 to create a corrosion-controlling solvent for the aerospace industry.

    Their secret water-displacement formula finally worked on the 40th attempt.

    WD-40 was born.   

    Initially, the product was marketed to aerospace contractors to protect the outer skins of missiles from rust and corrosion.

    Then consumers discovered it

    WD40CanWithStraw_0.jpgThey fell in love with the product's ability to lubricate, loosen, unlock, unstick, clean, preserve, condition and polish. By 1960, the Rocket Chemical owners were selling 45 cases a day from the trunks of their cars to hardware and sporting goods stores throughout San Diego and Orange Counties.

    In 1969, the company was renamed the WD-40 Company, Inc. Sales had grown to more than one million cans per week. It went public in 1973 with the stock price jumping 61 percent on the first day of trading.

    By the end of the 1970s, WD-40 had become a household name and was found in four out of every five American homes. The blue and yellow aerosol can with the red cap, red straw and rubber band was an essential tool in garages, workshops, airplane hangars, boats and toolboxes.

    WD 40 responds and adapts 

    To grow the business, the company's chemical engineers maintained a torrid pace of product development, adapting and enhancing WD-40 to meet the needs of specific industries like automotive, manufacturing, construction, mining, farming and transportation.

    Industrial designers changed the spray nozzle to allow for wider coverage on one side and a fine stream on the other, perfect for hard-to-reach spots behind engine blocks and under sinks. Sometimes you just need the right tool.

    With more than 2,000 different, documented consumer uses, WD-40 eventually achieved icon status in humanity's eternal struggle against rust and gunk.

    Celebrity followed 

    WD40ForTheSoul 200x135_0.jpgThe WD-40 International Fan Club counts more than 100,000 members from 187 countries. The WD-40 Book, written by the wacky Duct Tape Guys sold 168,000 copies. Another book, WD-40 for the Soul: A Guide to Fixing Everything came out in 1999 and was just as successful.

    WD-40 novelty items—everything from WD-40 cologne to mouthwash—all riffing on the product’s infinite problem-solving properties, flood the gag-gift market every holiday season.

    Wealth followed, too

    For fiscal year 2018, the company reported net sales of $409 million and a market cap of $2.5 billion.

    Still, for all the company’s success, the branding is remarkably simple because the product is remarkably simple. Remove cap and spray...or squirt.

    Raving fans, in keeping with—or just lampooning—today’s trend for minimalism, claim you only need two things in life: duct tape and WD-40.

    If it moves and shouldn’t, use duct tape. If it doesn’t move and should, use WD-40.

    If you have a credentialing program, all you need is Kryterion

    How was that for a satiny-smooth, frictionless segue? The spirit of innovation and constant improvement isn’t just for lubricants and degreasers any more.

    WebassessorScreenCapture-260x134_0.jpgFrom 2017 to present, Kryterion delivered 15 separate releases (updates) for Webassessor clients. Oh, Webassessor is our flagship test-development and test-delivery platform, BTW.

    Many of the enhancements in those 15 releases were client-driven requests that ultimately created a more flexible, responsive and powerful software solution.

    Powerful because Webassessor offers you the freedom and convenience to modify items, test forms and catalogs whenever you want with no additional fees. Export test data and run customized reports any time you feel like it

    Our cloud-based solution also simplifies and automates test registration, payment, scheduling, item editing, reporting and ongoing test development. Sometimes you just need the right tool.

    We'd love to demo Webassessor for you. Discover how to take full control of your credentialing program!

    Feel free to request more info via our short web form here.

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