ATP 2019 in Orlando! Mickey's Guide to Building a Powerhouse Certification

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    ATP 2019 in Orlando! Mickey's Guide to Building a Powerhouse Certification

    Whew! The 2019 Association of Test Publishers conference in Orlando was as big, bustling and brilliant as ever. Our Kryterion booth was extra-busy this year.

    If you attended, did you get a chance to visit Disney World while you were there? And If so, did you see Mickey?

    You likely saw several Mickeys during your visit. But did you notice that you never saw more than one Mickey at the same time?

    Mickey Silhouette Height Measure 215x242.pngAll of the Disney “cast members” appear and disappear throughout Disney World on a set schedule akin to an elaborate choreography. They get to their designated “performance” areas via a labyrinth of underground tunnels known as utilidoors.

    Another curious fact is that most of the cast members who play the role of Mickey are female.

    Disney mandates that Mickey can only be between 4’8” to 5’2” tall, and that height range seems to work better for women than men.

    Disney has more than a dozen such rules governing the Mickey Mouse brand, which is now 90 years old.

    Mickey's Guide To Building A Powerhouse Certification

    (C’mon, you knew that we’d eventually bend this story back to the certification industry!)

    1. Consistency. Send a clear message about your certification to your prospects. Use the same words, the same images and extol the same benefits. Consistency boosts clarity. Just so you know, within each theme park at Disney World, Mickey wears the same clothes every day (which makes us love Minnie even more).
    2. Visibility. Certifications need to be seen, so be conspicuously present online and at your industry events. There’s a reason why five Mickeys are performing at any given moment at Disney World. Even at 90, Mickey needs to be seen every day.
    3. Flexibility. If you do make a change to your brand, reinforce the change from that point on. No going back. Mickey began life in 1928 as a mischievous rascal. Over time, he was rebranded as Mr. Nice Guy, honest and lovable. In 2009, Disney expanded the nice-guy image to include Mickey’s impulsive and feisty sides to be consistent with his new persona for his about-to-be-released video game.
    4. Identity. This is really about differentiation. What makes your certification different than or better than that of your competition? Telling a story about your brand with your prospect positioned as the hero creates a memorable experience. Disney has more than 75 major animated characters, each with its own origin story. Why? Stories enhance recognition, retention and recall.

    And Speaking of FREE Books...

    Two Book Covers.jpgWe have two books in production tentatively set for release in late June.

    And we'd like to give you both books FOR FREE.

    One is called How to Market Your Certification Program and teaches proven and innovative certification-marketing strategies.

    The other book, How to Launch Your First or Next Certification, was written by our Kryterion Psychometrics Team with more than 40 years' of collective, hands-on certification experience.

    To kick off the release of the books, we planning a 30-minute webinar on How To Launch Your First or Next Certification.

    We haven't set a specific date yet for the webinar, but we'd love to have you attend because attendees will get both books FOR FREE. 

    We'll send you an email when we have a confirmed date for the webinar.

    Just one thing remains...we need your email address. You can share that with us here. Thanks!

    Glad that you got home safely from Orlando. See you on the webinar!