10 Brilliant Virtual-Meeting-Survival Tips

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    10 Brilliant Virtual-Meeting-Survival Tips


    VideoConferencingIllustration250x376.jpgDuring the week of March 14-21, 2020, surging demand in the U.S. for collaboration and video-conferencing software soared to 62 million downloads, the highest number ever seen. According to computerworld.com, that number was up 45 percent from the week before and 90 percent from the pre-COVID-19 weekly average.

    During the same record-breaking week, Zoom Cloud Meetings in the U.S leapt 14 times their Q4 2019 weekly average. Downloads were 20 times more than the weekly average in the UK and a staggering 55 times more in Italy.

    The download pace slowed in April, but 2020 will certainly be a record-breaking year for video-conferencing apps.

    With a growing portion of the global population now living under some form of stay-at-home order, many businesses and their employees have had to embrace a work-at-home culture on a scale never before attempted. Cloud technologies are enabling seismic shifts in the day-to-day operations of dozens of industries, especially in areas of collaborations, meetings and presentations.

    You on camera

    Video-conferencing applications are the surprise social-distancing stars of the new world order, well, as it applies to business anyway. They enable essential social-distancing rules while allowing businesses to be as collaborative, entrepreneurial, innovative and nimble as today’s conditions demand.

    If the massive, recent disruption to work life is any indicator of what’s to come, make room for more—possibly lots of—virtual meetings in your life.

    For many workers, virtual meetings introduce a whole new world of technology, vocabulary and social awkwardness that’s slowly coalescing into new norms.

    Now’s the perfect time to get a jump on the brave new world of the remote business meetings, It’s virtual, it’s on camera and it’s in your face.  

    Enjoy our fun, new video, Virtual Meeting Survival Tips, from Kryterion Training. Eight minutes and 49 seconds of brilliant ideas for attending, hosting and enjoying your next virtual meeting.