Become a Testing Center

Kryterion is constantly expanding its testing center network. If you already operate a center and are interested in joining the Kryterion Testing Network, please see the requirements below. We look forward to reviewing your application.


Testing Area

  • The testing area must be located so Test Takers are not disturbed by foot traffic, conversations, or outside noises.
  • Noise canceling headphones or disposable earplugs must be provided to Test Takers or located at each Kryterion workstation prior to the start of the exam.
  • The testing area must be free from any other activity during a testing session.
  • Kryterion does not allow Test Takers to bring tobacco products, food, drinks, or chewing gum into the testing area.

Proper Control of Room Temperature and Ventilation

  • The testing area must be comfortable and well ventilated, with a room temperature range between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Ventilation should supply continuous air circulation.

Ample Lighting

  • There must be enough lighting in the testing area so that the Test Taker can easily read test items, materials, and the computer screen without difficulty.

Sufficient Physical Space

  • The testing area must be large enough to place the testing stations, computer tables, and chairs adequately, such that the Test Taker can easily move about.
  • Each testing workstation must be separated with a partition or spaced apart by 5 feet or 1.5 meters to prevent a candidate from viewing another computer screen. If a partition or an adequate amount of space between work-stations is not available, a Kryterion Test Taker cannot be seated next to another Kryterion Test Taker.


  • Workstations/tabletops must be large enough to allow for the monitor, keyboard (if not placed on a slide tray under the desk), mouse and test aids used by a Test Taker.
  • Minimum height should be 30 in (76.2 cm) and minimum width should be 42 in (107 cm). Depth can vary based on whether a slide tray is used under the desk for a keyboard, and the type of monitor being used.

Sanctioned Countries

  • Please see our policy here.

Become A Testing Center

Simply complete the online application and we will begin the qualifying process. Please note: you must complete a separate application for each testing location.

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