Locate a Kryterion Testing Center

We’ve built our global Kryterion Testing Network (KTN) through establishing strategic partnerships with professional organizations such as colleges, universities, as well as testing and training companies. Our rapidly expanding network ensures that Test Takers have convenient access to high-quality testing facilities.

Test Taker Instructions

Exams are not scheduled, nor will the testing centers availability be found on this page. Please contact Kryterion Testing Network Support Team at 800.403.6199 or 602.281.3591. You can also send us an email to ktnsupport@kryteriononline.com.

Please know that while this map is a good representation of our available testing centers, it is updated every 48 hours. Your testing platform will provide the most accurate testing center option for you.

For information on sanctioned countries, please see our policy here.
Noord Brabantlaan 265
5652 Eindhoven
Janspoort 1-2
6811 GE Arnhem, Gelderland
Weena 743
3013 AL Rotterdam
Mensingheweg 20
9301 KA Roden
Plesmanstraat 62
3905 KZ Veenendaal