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Join the HOST Network - Online Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Kryterion HOST Location. Please complete the online application below and we will begin the qualifying process.

Before you begin, be sure to download and review the Technical & Facility Requirements to be sure your system meets the specifications.

Please note you must fill out this form for each Testing Location that you like to add.

Mandatory fields are highlighted in yellow.
*Can you meet our facility requirements?
*Can you meet our workstation spacing requirement?
Each workstation must be separated with a partition or spaced approximately five(5) feet/ 1.5 meters apart to prevent a candidate from viewing another computer screen.
*Company Name
*Testing Location Name (if different than above)
*Contact Title
*Contact Last Name
*Contact First Name
*Contact Email
*Company Web Address
*Contact Address Line 1
Contact Address Line 2
Contact Address Line 3
*Contact City
Contact State/Province/County
*Contact Country
*Contact Zip/Postal
*Contact Phone Number
Contact Fax
*How many workstations are available?
*How many workstations are available for Kryterion?
*Is parking available at your facility?
*Parking/Transportation Instructions
How many proctors are available?
*Do your proctors speak English?
*Do you currently offer computer-based testing?
*Workstation availability
List the days/hours your workstations are available. (i.e. Monday 4-6pm, Wednesday 10-1pm, Friday 2-4:30pm)
*List ALL specific dates you will be closed:
Holidays, vacations, etc. (i.e. December 25, January 1, etc.)
*Are lockers available at your facility?
*Is there seating for an in-room proctor?
*Are there viewing windows to monitor test takers?
*Do proctors use television monitoring systems?
*Do proctors use a video taping system?
*Do you have noise cancelling headsets?
*Are there disposable ear plugs available?
*Is your testing area access strictly monitored?
*Are there restrooms in the facility?
*Is the facility wheelchair accessible?
*What Internet connection do you have?
*Please tell us your download speed
Please use www.speedtest.net to provide you results.
*Please tell us your ping latency
Please use www.speedtest.net to provide you results.
*Please tell us your IP address
Please use www.speedtest.net to provide you results.
*Please tell us your upload speed
Please use www.speedtest.net to provide you results.


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