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Distance Education

Kryterion Incorporated is a solutions-based company that provides a variety of secure testing solutions to clients around the world.

We live by the philosophy that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to distance learning and test monitoring.

We provide solutions that can evaluate learners effectively while maintaining academic integrity standards.

Our programs are used by some of the most prestigious higher education institutions. As a pioneer in test delivery and development, Kryterion is familiar with piloting programs and implementing change.

Kryterion offers a range of solutions from our entry-level Proctor101 proctoring solution to high-security, robust solutions developed from decades of experience in the testing industry. Help us find the right testing solution for your institution.

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Your test, your way - online proctoring solutions by Kryterion Inc.

Online Proctored Delivery
Kryterion is the unsurpassed industry leader in live, secure online proctoring.
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Integration with your LMS
Kryterion's™ Online Proctoring solution can be used with your existing LMS.
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The Student Experience
Students have found the Online Proctored testing environment to be convenient, affordable and secure.
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Prevent Cheating - Protect your Brand
Kryterion includes built-in features that can cause "technology alerts" or warnings to test takers based on certain test taker actions that may be indications of test cheating.
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The School Experience
Online Proctoring provides the necessary security and cost savings your institution needs - and the added value of convenience for your students.
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Monitoring Alerts
Kryterion includes a built-in monitoring feature that alerts test takers of actions that may be indications of cheating.
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