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Secure Authentication

Kryterion sets the standard in test taker identification verification. A digital photo match of the test taker is completed utilizing facial recognition software and a visual match at test launch which is stored with the test taker's test record. We also use patented software that differentiates individuals based on his/her keystroke patterns.

By measuring the pattern of keystroke rhythms, the technology can recognize an individual with supreme accuracy. Should your institution have another means of identifying an individual, the picture or document can also be scanned and uploaded to the system and stored with the test taker's information for additional authentication.
What Clients are Saying

"Kryterion's online system allows us to publish our CPLP exam items in real-time. That gives us complete control over the quality of our items and allows us to publish updates with record speed."
Jennifer A. Naughton -
ASTD Certification Institute

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