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Live Video Monitoring

Kryterion's certified online proctors (KCOPs) monitor testing sessions in real time. They are focused solely on the task of detecting unusual behavior such as unusual eye movements, removing oneself from the field of vision or making atypical noises.

KCOPs go through an extensive training and certification process and they take action based on your business rules. Stop the test? Warn the test taker? Take no action other than flagging the activity and inform you? You create the business rules and our system will respond accordingly in real-time. Our new split screen capability allows for a variety of on screen test aids (e.g., calculators, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.) to further prevent unauthorized usage of physical devices (e.g., programmable calculators). KCOPs communicate with test takers through drop down menu options preventing direct communication between the test taker and the proctor, eliminating the possibility of collusion. Additionally, technical support representatives are available to work with test takers on the phone in the event of a video, audio transmission or other support issue.

Several enhancements to our technology are now available to meet multiple proctoring requirements. These include:


And soon to be released:
What Clients are Saying

"Your staff has been highly responsive in working with our staff to implement and administer our programs. The Webassessor system has provided the reliability and flexibility we were hoping for with a new system."
John M. Schulte -
National Air Duct Cleaners Association

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