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Online Proctoring

Online Proctoring – Observing test takers online using webcams and microphones.

Kryterion’s Certified Professional Proctors observe test-takers in both the corporate certification and licensure industry and higher education markets.

Several companies from the Forbes “World’s Most Innovative Companies” list have used Kryterion online proctoring for years.  High-profile corporate certifications require testing solutions that can ensure quality and security.

The distance education market is seeking technology tools that ensure academic integrity within it's programs. This demand is driven by the mass adoption of online learning, the education technology boom and MOOCs.

Kryterion was the first to bring online proctoring to market globally, winning the United States Distance Learning Award for 21st Century Best Practices in Distance Learning in 2009.

What is the difference between live proctoring, recorded proctoring or artificial intelligence proctoring? What secure testing options are available? How will the organization or institution implement this new technology?  Who are the people monitoring the test-taker?  Are they professional?

Kryterion has the answers to help you build an online proctoring platform that is right for your program.  While other online proctoring solutions give you a “box” solution – Kryterion has an in-house engineering team, a reputable longevity and financial backing to develop or integrate your proctoring solution into your learning program with a variety of options.

Contact us today to learn more about our award winning technology and see how online proctoring can optimize your distance education or certification program.

Behavior Alerts
Our proctors are highly trained to detect any unusual behavior from test takers.
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Live Video Monitoring
Our full service online proctoring system provides real time monitoring with remote Kryterion Certified Proctors. It's as if the proctor is in the room with the test taker but only better!
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Secure Authentication
Kryterion offers the most secure authentication protocols in the industry.
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Secure Delivery
Only Kryterion takes complete control of the test taker's workstation - transforming their home PC into a complete test center environment.
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Session Reviews
Online proctored events can be recorded and a complete session review is available 24/7.
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Webcam Ordering
If you need a webcam for Kryterion testing, order it here.
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