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Flexibility. Options. Choices. Whether your program requires a full-service suite, self-service through our easy-to-use platform, or a blended approach, Kryterion has the solution set and technology management services to ensure the success of your testing program. Plus, Kryterion is the only firm in the industry to offer multiple test delivery methods that are all managed through a convenient, user friendly interface.

Utilize our worldwide network of testing centers, or manage your own client centers. Kryterion enables your program to be delivered your way - to make your program successful. Choose from five types of deliveries to meet the needs of any test taker, any program. With Kryterion the choice is yours!
Testing Centers
Kryterion High Stakes Online Secure Testing (HOST) Network offers the convenience of worldwide centers, served securely and in real time.
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Online Proctoring ™
Kryterion is the unsurpassed industry leader in live, secure online proctoring.
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Client Testing Locations
Only Kryterion lets you easily offer your own secure testing at your own venue. Set up is quick and convenient - giving your program the utmost flexibility.
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On Demand Testing
Allow test takers to test at home or at work with or without the browser being locked down.
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Paper and Pencil Testing
Scantrons? Legacy systems? With Kryterion, you can manage your entire program in one place.
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OLP Support
HOST Support

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